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Grand Launch of Banana Drama


Thursday 14th September 10:30 –11:15am @ The Polish Centre for Little Chimps: 2 to 4 years old


Children love using their imagination and at Banana Drama we help encourage and ignite it. Through exploration and themed classes we strive to have fun playing and dancing using a variety of props, and instruments. We encourage parents to join in and follow the child’s lead on our magical journeys. Something the whole family can enjoy.

Little Chimps: 2 to 4 years old:

This class is a 45-minute mixture of music, storytelling and dramatic play for 2 to 4 year olds. With the use of a variety of props we explore our themed session through movement, music and role-play. With plenty of encouragement from carers and teachers, children go on magical adventures taking on new characters each week. This class not only develops your child’s creativity and promotes social skills it builds confidences and communication skills..

As the popularity of musicals and shows increases dancers need to be more versatile, more flexible and more passionate than ever before.

Modern Jazz gives a fabulous additional training to Ballet and Tap. It is energetic, challenging and most of all great fun.

The senior modern is well established but we are introducing a class for the juniors– why should the teenagers have all the fun?

Junior Modern Jazz Dance in Southam

Thursdays from 14th Sept 5—5:45pm @ The Graham Adams Centre, Southam ages 7 to 11

Come and try your first session for free on 14th September

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