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LWAD Goes on Online


As we come out of lockdown you can now engage with your favourite classes and dance teachers as LWAD and PTW go online.

Live online lessons can be prepurchased in blocks of three weeks from July 6th through to July 28th at the ridiculously cheap price of £3.00 per week for a 30 minute lesson, £4.00 per week for a 45 minutes lesson and £5.00 per week for a 60 minute lesson.

There are now two class studios and so its really really important you download the class timetable before you book your class(es). Very simply Miss Fiona, Miss Charley, Miss Ruth and Miss Faye are in Studio 2. Every other teacher is in Studio 1.

Studio 1 timeable is downloadable here Zoom Room 1

Studio 2 timetable is downloadable here Zoom Room 2



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