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With over 50 years of experience the Leamington and Warwick Academy of Dance is the largest and most diverse dance and performance arts school in Warwickshire. With its sister school, Pointe the Way Ballet School, the Academy has nine centres serving the Leamington, Warwick, Southam, Balsall Common and Solihull.

As we come out of lockdown LWAD and PTW have gone online making classes with your favourite dance teaches available at a significantly reduced cost. We've been running these zoom classes for 9 weeks now and this is the last block of 3 before the summer break.

This block of classes run from Monday 6th to Tuesday 28th July . If this runs into your plans for summer holidays then you can book a shorter block directly with Miss Viv on 07817 360419.

There are now two class studios and so its really really important you download the class timetable before you book your class(es). Very simply Miss Fiona, Miss Charley, Miss Ruth and Miss Faye are in Studio 2. Every other teacher is in Studio 1.

Studio 1 timeable is downloadable here   Zoom Room 1

Studio 2 timetable is downloadable here Zoom Room 2


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