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Current timetable: Summer 2024

Summer 2024

WeeklyLocationStart timeEnd timeClassTeacher
MondaysChase Meadow Centre (Directions)13:4514:30Beginner Fusion 2-4 yearsMiss Elli
Polish Centre (Directions)16:0016:30Reception FusionMiss Julia
16:3017:15Grade 3 Modern Jazz
17:1518:15Intermediate Modern Jazz
18:1519:15Intermediate Modern Jazz
19:1520:00Adult Tap Beginners
20:0020:45Adult Tap Improvers
17:0017:30Private lessonMiss Sarah
17:3018:15Grade 3 Tap
18:1519:15Grade 4 Ballet
19:1520:30Intermediate Ballet
20:3021:00Intermediate + Advanced Pointe
TuesdaysPolish Centre (Directions)16:0016:30Grade 2 TapMiss Viv
16:3017:15Grade 2 Ballet
17:1518:15Grade 4 Ballet
18:1519:15Advanced 1 Ballet
19:1520:00Grade 8 Ballet
20:0021:15Advanced Foundation Ballet
St Margaret's Centre (Directions)16:3017:15Progressive ballet techniqueMiss Taryn
17:1518:15Grade 4 Ballet
18:1519:15Grade 7 Ballet
19:1520:15Adult Ballet Beginners
20:1521:15Adult Ballet Improvers
WednesdaysPolish Centre (Directions)12:2513:25Adult Tap for FunMiss Sarah
13:3014:30Silver Swans Ballet age 50+
16:1516:45Grade 1 TapMiss Hannah
16:4517:15Grade 1 Ballet
17:1518:15Intermediate Tap
18:1519:15Advanced 1 Tap
19:1520:15Grade 6 & Grade 7 Ballet
20:1521:00Adult Tap Advanced
14:0014:45Pre-school Fusion ages 2-4Miss Elli
15:4516:15Reception Ballet
16:1516:45Prep Tap
16:4517:15Pre-Primary Ballet
17:1517:45Primary Tap
17:4518:15Primary Ballet
Westbury Centre (Directions)16:1516:45Grade 2 Theatre CraftMiss Julia
16:4517:30Grade 5 Tap
17:3018:30Grade 4 & G5 Modern Jazz
18:3019:30Grade 5 Ballet
19:3020:30Advanced 1 Modern Jazz
20:3021:15Advanced 1 Theatre Craft
Radford Church Hall (Directions)17:4518:45Inter Contemporary ages 10-13Miss Ruth
18:4519:45Senior Contemporary age 14+
Oliver Bird Hall, Solihull (Directions)16:3017:30Grade 4 balletMiss Sarah
17:3018:00Beginner Pointe
18:0019:00Grade 7 Ballet
19:0019:30Improver Pointe
19:3020:15Grade 5 Tap
ThursdaysPolish Centre (Directions)16:0016:45Grade 3 & 4 Tap Miss Viv
16:4517:45Grade 3 & 4 Ballet
17:4518:45Intermediate Tap
18:4519:30Grade 7 Ballet
19:3020:15Level 3 & 4 Tap Diploma
20:1521:15Adult Ballet Advanced
Chase Meadow Centre (Directions)15:4516:15Beginner Ballet age 3-5Miss Julia
16:1517:00Primary & Grade 1 Ballet
17:0017:30Primary Tap
17:3018:00Grade 1 Tap
18:0018:30Grade 1 Ballet
18:3019:15Grade 2 Tap
19:1520:00Grade 2 Ballet
Graham Adams Centre (Directions)19:0020:00Adult Ballet BeginnersMiss Sarah D
FridaysPolish Centre (Directions)16:3017:00Primary BalletMiss Hannah
17:0017:30Primary Tap
17:3018:15Grade 3 Ballet
18:1519:00Grade 2 Modern
19:0019:30Grade 2 National
Heathcote Community Centre (Directions)16:0017:00Acrobatics level 1Miss Julia
16:4517:45Acrobatics level 2
17:3018:30Acrobatics level 3
18:3019:15Grade 5 Theatre Craft
Oliver Bird Hall, Solihull (Directions)16:0017:00Grade 2 BalletMiss Helena
17:0018:00Grade 5 Ballet
18:0019:00Inter Foundation Ballet level 1 with pointe prep on demi-pointe
19:0020:15Advanced Foundation Ballet
St Margaret's Centre (Directions)17:3018:30Inter Foundation Ballet level 2 with pointeMiss Sarah
18:3019:30Inter Foundation Ballet level 1 with pointe prep on demi-pointe
19:3020:30Intermediate Ballet and Pointe
SaturdaysAylesford School (Directions)9:159:45Reception Fusion (age 4-5)Miss Hannah
9:4510:15Primary Ballet
10:1510:45Primary Tap
10:4511:15Beginner Modern
11:1511:45National Grade 1
11:4512:30Grade 1 Ballet
12:3013:00Grade 1 Tap
13:0013:30Primary Modern
Heathcote Community Centre (Directions)9:009:30Pre-School FusionMiss Laura
9:3010:15Reception Fusion
10:1510:45Pre-Primary Ballet
10:4511:30Primary Ballet
11:3012:00Musical Theatre
12:0012:45Grade 2 Ballet
Polish Centre (Directions)9:0010:00Grade 4 BalletMiss Sarah
10:0011:00Grade 4 Ballet
11:0011:30Pointe preparation flat
11:3012:30Grade 5 Ballet
12:3013:00Pointe Level 1
13:0014:00Grade 6 Ballet
9:1510:00Grade 4 & Grade 5 TapMiss Chantell
10:0010:45Grade 3 Tap
10:4511:30Grade 4 Tap
11:3012:15Grade 3 Tap
Graham Adams Centre (Directions)9:009:30Pre-Primary and Beginners BalletMiss Julia
9:309:45Prep Tap
9:4510:15Primary Ballet
10:1510:45Primary & G1 Tap
10:4511:15Beginner Modern
11:1512:00Acrobatic Arts Level 1 & 2
12:0012:45Grade 1 Modern
12:4513:15Grade 2 Tap
13:1514:00Grade 2 Ballet
St Nicholas Parochial Hall, Kenilworth (Directions)10:1511:00Rising Stars, Theatre JuniorsMiss Elli
11:0012:00Theatrical Specials for all ages
12:0013:00Shooting Stars, Theatre Senior
Oliver Bird Hall, Solihull (Directions)9:0010:00Grade 3 & Grade 4 BalletMiss Viv
10:0010:45Grade 3 Tap
10:4511:45Intermediate Ballet
11:4512:15Intermediate Pointe
12:1513:15Grade 6 Ballet
9:1510:00Grade 1 BalletMiss Taryn
10:0010:30Grade 1 Tap
10:3011:15Primary Ballet
11:1511:45Prep Tap
11:4512:15Beginner Ballet ages 3-5
12:1513:00Progressive Ballet Technique
13:0013:45Grade 8 Ballet
SundaysNo Classes

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